August 2023 – Christina Vincent is the owner, designer, and maker of Christina M Vincent fine woodworking in North Haven, Maine, where she hand crafts each piece of furniture and artwork in her island-based wood studio. Prior to moving to North Haven, Christina was an interior designer with a degree in art and design. She tried her hand at carpentry and worked on a crew building ocean front summer homes for several years before deciding to take a fine woodworking course at CFC in 2014.

Christina really enjoyed the finer approach to woodworking and returned to CFC to attend the Furniture Intensive in 2018. The additional knowledge and skills she gained from the twelve-week course allowed her to expand her business and client base. “My mission is to create innovative pieces coupled with artistic applications while highlighting the beauty of natural wood. I intend for each piece to be versatile; useful and lasting, while intriguing interest and engagement.”

Christina attends events to show her work, such as the Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, and American Craft Council Baltimore. Since 2021, Christina has primarily focused on creating commissioned pieces for clients. “I draw my inspiration from the vast beauty of nature that surrounds me here on North Haven. This inspiration can be seen in the angles, tapers, design details, and their chosen name. These unique details make each piece truly original.”