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Teaching the Teachers Overview

Our Teaching the Teachers program awards scholarships directly to educational and service organizations that teach woodworking to economically disadvantaged communities in the U.S. and abroad. We hope to further the work of these organizations by giving their instructors new woodworking skills and a vision of the educational woodshop that they can share with their own communities throughout a lifetime of teaching. For 2022, Teaching the Teachers is supported by the Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation, the Horowitz Family Scholarship Fund, the Betterment Fund, and the Chattahoochee Valley Teaching the Teachers Fund.

Institutional Partners

Institutional partners in Teaching the Teachers nominate their own instructors for fully funded participation in our Workshops.  Scholarships pay all expenses except registration fees and costs provided for by a partner institution’s professional development policies. Covered expenses may include tuition, materials, transportation, and room and board.

We welcome inquiries from potential institutional partners with demonstrated outreach to economically disadvantaged communities, such as community colleges, trade schools, Title I secondary schools with Career and Technical Education programs, and nonprofit and governmental social-service organizations. Current institutional partners for Teaching the Teachers are:

Institutional Affiliates

Through Teaching the Teachers, we are also teaming up with advocacy organizations that promote woodworking education for vocational training and economic development. Current affiliates are:

We welcome inquiries from organizations that align with the mission of Teaching the Teachers

Nomination Process

Organizations interested in becoming affiliates should contact Dorrie Butterfield Higbee, Student Services Director, at dorrie@woodschool.org.

Organizations who have already been approved and are interested in nominating instructors for Teaching the Teachers scholarships may submit nominations here.

Nominations will be reviewed for acceptance as they arrive.

Financial Aid Philosophy

Teaching the Teachers is designed to benefit educational and service organizations that teach woodworking to economically disadvantaged communities. In order to assist as many organizations as possible, we ask partner institutions to shoulder as much of their instructors’ expenses as their own policies provide for.