July 2023 – In 2012, Bobby Sukrachand took the summer twelve-week Furniture Intensive to establish a baseline of knowledge so he could pursue furniture-making full time. “I think it’s important to develop your own language as a furniture maker, not just as a designer but also in terms of construction methods. And I think the only way you can do that well is to start with a strong foundation, so that as you innovate, you know you are building from solid ground.”

After completing the Intensive, Robert (Bobby) returned to Brooklyn where he worked part-time for small custom furniture companies, while also producing his own commission pieces. He soon graduated to developing his own furniture collection and began exhibiting his work in various design shows across New York City. Bobby sees much of his work as a conversation between his two backgrounds – America and Thailand – in 2021, he made the leap to move his furniture business to Thailand.
“The work that I now do in Thailand primarily revolves around building community through design and craft. We produce collaborations with traditional artisans here in Thailand, and I’ve found that craft can be a kind of alternate language for connecting people who otherwise can’t share spoken words.”

Bobby also sees this cultural split in how he approaches his work today. He incorporates a variety of materials in combination with wood including metal, stone, and glass. “My upbringing was rather chaotic, and I had to learn to communicate in many different ways. I think this has lead me to be deeply curious about all of the materials that exist in the world, and I find that there are exciting outcomes when you put them in conversation with one another.”

Bobby’s furniture business’ headquarters in Thailand includes a studio, gallery space, living space for himself as well as a residency space on the top floor. “I have been inviting my American design friends to come to Thailand and do residencies, so that each collection we produce becomes a kind of ‘design conversation’ between people who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to meet.”