Volunteers At Wood School

In 2019, approximately 70 individuals contributed their time and expertise to governance, fundraising, marketing, jurying exhibitions, gallery staffing, and facilities maintenance, as well as to preparing delicious food and hors d’oeuvres for our many events.

If you are interested in helping to continue this tradition of excellence, we welcome your participation! To assist with video indexing, email Ellen Dyer at Ellen@woodschool.org. For all other current or future opportunities please contact Victoria Allport, Volunteer Coordinator, at 207-594-5611 or Victoria@woodschool.org.

A heartfelt thanks to the following individuals who generously volunteered in 2019:

Gigi Aea

Kendrick Anderson

Ellen Benkin

Shannon Bowser

Anita Brosius-Scott and Geoff Scott

Chris Buschmann

William G. Butman

Robert J. Campbell

Monica Chau

Rick Croteau

Leslie Curtis

Heidi Earnshaw

Scott Fazzina

Robert Fippinger

Chalene Fish

Ed Freitag and Molly Haley

Isobel Gillian

Denise Gaul

Chris Grigbsy

Peter Haight

Ariel Hall and Jan Leth

Ernest and Veronica Harrington

Jeffrey Harrop

Tom Higbee

Rob Hoffman

Joe and Donna Holub

Mark Horowitz

Tom Huang

Paul Jupp

David Ingram

Richard C. Kellogg

Roger Lever

Tom Lie-Nielsen

Peggy Liss

Nancy Lubin

John Lutz

Thomas C. Maginnis

Edith Manns

Donna McNeil

Andrew Messa

Robert M. Milardo

Jerry Morton

Aaron and Lisa Moser

Anne Mynttinen

Katherine Pope

Thomas O’Donovan

Drew Perkins

Malcolm Ray

Dan Reeves

Asher Rodriquez-Dunn

Roger Rittmaster and Jeannie Hutchins

Kelly Sandman

Osamu Sassa

Jennifer Shirley

Don Seeley

Molly Sholes

John Strand

Bobby Sukrachand

Mark Tresnowski

Hannah Uhll

Tommy Uhll

Roger Vincent

Camilla Vitullo

Chris Vivier

Tom Weis

Steve Vela

Joan Welsh

Dick and Abby Whittington

Chelsea Witt

Allison Worden