Volunteers At Wood School

In 2022, approximately 60 individuals contributed their time and expertise to governance, fundraising, marketing, jurying exhibitions, gallery staffing, video indexing, and facilities maintenance.

If you are interested in helping to continue this tradition of excellence, we welcome your participation! For current or future opportunities please contact Victoria Allport, Volunteer Coordinator, at 207-594-5611 or Victoria@woodschool.org.

A heartfelt thanks to the following individuals who generously volunteered in 2022:

Gigi Aea

Patrice Amisano

William Baker

John and Mary Alice Bird

Karen Cadbury

Monica Chau

Rick Croteau

Leslie Curtis and Don Peccerill

Margot Ecke

Lucy and Bill Farland

Robert A. Fippinger

Charlie Flowers

Maurice and Valerie Harmon

Mark Horowitz

David Ingram

Richard C. Kellogg, Jr.

Peter Korn

Wayne Lawrence

Thomas Lie-Nielsen

Chris Lind

Nancy Lubin

Thomas C. Maginnis

Andrew Messa

Charlie Michaels

Jake Moritz

Mary and Tom Moser

Michael O’Shea

Austin Rodenbiker

Ernie Pitts

Katherine Pope

Josh Popkin

Brian Reid

Asher Rodriquez

David Rothstein

Kelly Sandman

Osamu Sassa

Eileen Schulte

Libby Schrum and Shelly Butler

Don Seeley

Matthew and Betcie Silverio

Kaki and J.P. Smith

Mark Tresnowski

Larry Van Meter

Steven Vela

Ron Stern and Elisse Walter

Joan W. Welsh

Meg Weston and Roger Leddington

Dick Whittington