June 16 – September 6, 2023

“New Work by Faculty,” an exhibition of contemporary wood furniture, furnishings, turnings, sculpture, and stringed instruments has opened for the summer at the Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport. The show runs through September 6, 2023 and visitors are welcome.

All 24 makers represented in the exhibition are current-year instructors at the Center. They come from as far away as New Zealand and Wales, and as close by as Camden and Rockland, Maine.

This exhibition, in the year of our 30th anniversary, highlights one of the school’s great strengths, which is the professional accomplishment of its instructors. Their collective expertise in design and fabrication is a major reason why the school’s educational programs are so effective and successful.

Exhibitors include Dixie Biggs (Gainesville, FL), John Bryan (North Yarmouth, ME), Erik Curtis (Philadelphia, PA), Heidi Earnshaw (Lanark, ON), Adrian Ferrazzutti (Guelph, ON), Mark Gardner (Saluda, NC), Garrett Hack (Thetford Center, VT), David Haig (Nelson, New Zealand), Melanie Hamilton (Rothesay, NB), Reed Hansuld (Brooklyn, NY), Rob Hiza (Rockland, ME), Thomas Hucker (Jersey City, NJ), Larissa Huff (Philadelphia, PA), Beth Ireland (St. Petersburg, FL), Yuri Kobayashi (Rockland, ME), Peter Korn (Rockland, ME), James Macdonald (Burnham, ME), Matt Monaco (Springfield, MO), Erica Moody (Waldoboro, ME), Malcolm Ray (Damariscotta, ME), Tim Rousseau (Rockport, ME), Libby Schrum (Camden, ME), and Chelsea Witt (Cinnaminson, NJ).

Dixie Biggs |Gainsville, FL. Tangled Up In Blue, 2023. Cherry, cherry & maple cold-bend wood, madrone, alcohol dyes, acrylic lacquer finish. 4” x 4” x 6”. NFS.

Dixie Biggs

John Bryan | North Yarmouth, ME. Barn Owl, 2023. European linden burl, oil finish. 9.5” x 9” x 5”. NFS.

John Bryan

Erik Curtis | Philadelphia, PA. Cabinet for Pochette, 2022. Cabinet: Ash, leather, brass, oil finish Pochette: Maple, spruce, ebony. 24” x 7.5” x 6”. $7,500.

Erik Curtis

Heidi Earnshaw | Lanark, ON. Hannah Dresser, 2023. Walnut, maple, hardwax oil. 41.5” x 45” x 18”. $5,600 to order.

Heidi Earnshaw

Adrian Ferrazzutti | Guelph, ON. Squaring Sticks, 2023. Ipe, boxwood, bloodwood, ebony, oak, teak, brass. $195-$225.

Adrian Ferrazzutti

Mark Gardner | Saluda, NC. Shrink Box, 2023. Cherry, poplar, milk paint, acrylic lacquer. 6” x 5.5” x 5.5”. $900.

Mark Gardner

Garrett Hack | Thetford Center, VT. Abundance Chest, 2021. Cherry, aromatic cedar, ebony and holly, abalone, turquoise, brass, shellac. 21” x 34” x 18”. $5,500.

Garrett Hack

David Haig | Nelson, New Zealand. Orpheus Bench, 2023. Walnut. 28" x 40" x 20". $13,950.

David Haig

Melanie Hamilton | Rothesay, NB. Eastman Seat, 2019. Ash, Danish cord, water-based finish. 21.5” x 26” x 17.75”. $1,950.

Melanie Hamilton

Reed Hansuld | Brooklyn, NY. Valet Chair No. 2, 2018. Maple, vegetable tanned leather, brass, oil. 37.5” x 19” x 18”. $2,100.

Reed Hansuld

Rob Hiza | Rockland, ME. Chair, 2023 | Bleached maple, leather, oil finish | 33" x 17" x 19" | $1,200 to order

Rob Hiza

Thomas Hucker | Jersey City, NJ | Fan Table, 2018 | Cuban Mahogany, American mahogany, black stain, oil finish, 13" x 68" x 33" | $12,000

Thomas Hucker

Larissa Huff | Philadelphia, PA. Hurricane Cabinet, 2023. Ash, walnut, brass, spar varnish. 8” x 49” x 11”. $4,800.

Larissa Huff

Larissa Huff | Philadelphia, PA. Hurricane Cabinet, 2023. Ash, walnut, brass, spar varnish. 8” x 49” x 11”. $4,800.

Larissa Huff

Beth Ireland | Saint Petersburg, FL. Banjo, 2023. Tambourine, quilted maple, milk paint, inlay. 31” x 11” x 2.5”. $1,200.

Beth Ireland

Yuri Kobayashi | Rockland, ME. Allegro, 2023. Ash, oil finish 96” x 100” x 18”. NFS.

Yuri Kobayashi

Peter Korn

Aled Lewis | Machynlleth, Wales. Colfen, 2023. Ash. 69” x 18” x 18”. $3,125.

Aled Lewis

James Macdonald | Burnham, ME. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, 2023. Assorted wood veneers on MDF, copper tacks, oil finish. 27” x 24” x 1”. $3,200.

James Macdonald

Matt Monaco | Springfield, MO. Shackleton Style Dish, 2023, for Fine Woodworking. Bubinga, mineral oil wet sanded, Bees & Carnuba mixture. 11.5” dia.. NFS.

Matt Monaco

Matt Monaco | Springfield, MO. Spice Mill, 2023, for Fine Woodworking. Pommele sapele, mineral oil wet sanded, Bees & Carnuba mixture. 9” x 2..5” dia. NFS.

Matt Monaco

Matt Monaco | Springfield, MO. Wood Pottery, 2023, for Fine Woodworking. White oak, mineral oil wet sanded, Bees & Carnuba mixture. 3” x 5” dia. NFS.

Matt Monaco

Erica Moody | Waldoboro, ME. Flatware: Fork, Knife, Spoon, 2022. Burnished stainless steel and various handles of either white micarta, roasted birch, or black micarta, all pinned with brass. $155 each.

Erica Moody

Erica Moody | Waldoboro, ME. Brass and Tin Iced Tea Spoon, 2022. Sculpted brass with a hammered and tinned bowl. Food safe. $130.

Erica Moody

Erica Moody | Waldoboro, ME. Oyster Knife, 2022. Roasted birch handle pinned to forged high carbon steel. $450.

Erica Moody

Mac Ray | Damariscotta, ME. Billethead, 2023. Pine, mahogany, paint, spar varnish. 40” x 11” x 6”. $4,500.

Mac Ray

Tim Rousseau | Rockport, ME | Mirror, 2023 | Flame birch, oil/varnish | 26.5" x 23.5" x 3" | $675

Tim Rousseau

Libby Schrum | Camden, Maine | &, 2023 | Cherry | 34" x 72" x 16" | NFS, On loan from Emory & Henry College

Libby Schrum

Chelsea Witt | Cinnaminson, NJ. The Diving Board, 2023. Ash. 9.5” x 32” x 8”. $2,400.

Chelsea Witt