January 20 – April 5, 2017

A juried exhibition of work by Center for Furniture Craftsmanship alumni and Fellows opened at the Messler Gallery on Friday, January 20 and will run through April 5, 2017.

The 21 pieces on display, selected from 70 submissions, embody the combination of lively design and technical virtuosity for which the school is known. They run the gamut from curved benches and biomorphic chairs to seductive spoons and sculptural tables. Victoria Allport, the Center’s Gallery Manager, says, “There are so many breathtaking objects in this show. I love the way our alumni go out in the world to push the boundaries of design!”

Jurors for the exhibition were Mark Gardner, an acclaimed wood turner in Saluda, NC, Anissa Kapsales, Associate Editor at Fine Woodworking in Newtown, CT, and Sarah Kay, a furniture designer in London, England.

The alumni and Fellows in the exhibition are professional and avocational woodworkers from across the U.S. who previously participated in the Center’s Workshop, Furniture Intensive, Turning Intensive, Nine-month Comprehensive, or Fellowship programs. They include Kendrick Anderson (Atlanta, GA), Eric Asche (Durango, IA), Nils Berg (Boston, MA), Judy Bonzi (Rockport, ME), Shannon Bowser (Brooklyn, NY), Kate Casey (Brooklyn, NY), Michael Danchak (Durham, CT), Owain Harris (Deerfield, NH), Mary Ellen Hitt (Morrill, ME), Yuri Kobayashi (Camden, ME), Mike Korsak (Pittsburgh, PA), Bowen Liu (Rochester, NY), Sarah Marriage (Baltimore, MD), Jack Mauch (Cambridge, MA), Andy Messa (Rockport, ME), Libby Schrum (Camden, ME), Marcus Soto (Stone Ridge, NY), Laurie Sproul (Canton, ME), Karina Steele (Camden, ME), Michaela Stone (Rockport, ME), and Leslie Webb (Georgetown, TX).

Kendrick Anderson|Atlanta, Georgia. McIntosh Bed, 2016. Walnut, maple, oil/wax finish. NFS. 36" x 66" x 86.5".

Kendrick Anderson

Eric Asche|Durango, Iowa. Chair 2, 2016. Ash, Danish cord, oil finish. $2,100. 27" x 24" x28".

Eric Asche

Nils Berg|Boston, Massachusetts. Balston Chair II, 2016. Ash, lacquer finish. $2,100. 30" x 22" x25".

Nils Berg

Judy Bonzi|Rockport, Maine. Come Spring, 2017. Ash. $10,000. 35" x 40" x 40".

Judy Bonzi

Shannon Bowser|Brooklyn, New York. Sherpa Bedside Table, 2014. Olive ash, burl veneer, mahogany veneer, reclaimed redwood. $1,800. 32" x 12" x 19".

Shannon Bowser

Kate Casey|Brooklyn, New York. Euclid Bench, 2015. Bleached white oak, hand-woven solid braid cotton cord, water-based poly finish. $2,800. 16" x 48" x14".

Kate Casey

Michael Danchak|Durham, Connecticut. Stacking Stools (set of 3), 2016. Baltic birch plywood, pigmented lacquer. $375 each. 19" x 24" x 11" each.

Michael Danchak

Owain Harris|Deerfield, New Hampshire. Cabinet on Stand, 2014. Cherry, sycamore, dyed tupelo, wenge, red oak, mapple, shellac, varnish. $4,300. 32" x 21" x13".

Owain Harris

Mary Ellen Hitt|Morrill, Maine. Mirror, 2016. Walnut, teak oil, wax. $?. 57.5" x 27" x 2".

Mary Ellen Hitt

Yuri Kobayashi|Camden, Maine. Reverie I & II, 2016. White oak, oil finish. $6,000 each. 42" x 6" x 5"; 42" x 8" x 5".

Yuri Kobayashi

Mike Korsak|Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 26.981539, 2016. Curly maple, ebonized cherry, aluminum, lacquer, tung oil. $2,160. 26" x 22" dia.

Mike Korsak

Bowen Liu|Rochester, New York. The Feast Table (with seat pods), 2016. Maple, water-based poly. $7,600. 13" x 73" x 34".

Bowen Liu

Sarah Marriage|Baltimore, MD. Feint, 2016. Ash, canvas, polyurethane, shellac, milk paint, wax. $3,800. 44" x 22" x 19".

Sarah Marriage

Jack Mauch|Cambridge, Massachusetts. Surface Study, 2015. Walnut, butternut, veneer, MDF, shellac. $1,000. 12" x8.5" x 4".

Jack Mauch

Andy Messa|Rockport, Maine. Gin & Tonic, 2016. Ash, pressed cane, osmo finish. $4,200. Chair: 34.75" x 29" x 35"; Ottoman: 15" x 24.5" x24".

Andy Messa

Libby Schrum|Camden, Maine. Rolig Rocker, 2016. Black walnut, wipe-on poly, upholstery. $6,000. 33" x 29" x 33".

Libby Schrum

Marcus Soto|Stone Ridge, New York. Paulo Liquor Cabinet, 2015. Western red cedar, sapele veneer, milk paint, oil varnish mix. $10,250. 34" x 31" x 19.75".

Marcus Soto

Laurie Sproul|Canton, Maine. Sunflower, 2015. Walnut, pine, butternut, vintage beam, oil and wax finish. $4,500. 32" x 26.5" x 10".

Laurie Sproul

Karina Steele|Camden, Maine. Assorted Spoons, 2016. XXX. $??. 1.8" x .9".

Karina Steele

Michaela Stone|Rockport, Maine. Seated Springbok, 2016. Maple, springbok hide (removable), leather, brass, soap finish, 2016. $6,600. 28" x 24" x 36".

Michaela Stone

Leslie Webb|Georgetown, Texas. Stefan Coffee Table, 2016. Cherry, curly maple, oil varnish finish with wax. $1,525. 16.5" x 52" x 24".

Leslie Webb