Barbara Dill
July 18-22

This is a wonderful opportunity for intermediate turners to explore multi-axis spindle turning with a master. Barbara shares a systematic approach that eliminates the guesswork often associated with this technique. Participants learn to make educated decisions to determine the locations of the axes, what profile to use on each segment, the appropriate size of wood to use, and other variables. Barbara is strongly interested in helping each student adapt multi-axis turning to express his or her own voice.

Students work in both green and dry wood with whatever spindle-turning tools they are accustomed to. Barbara’s primary tools are the ½” spindle gouge and ½” bowl gouge, but others may prefer a skew chisel. Barbara demonstrates techniques for skillfully making beads, coves, and v-cuts on a one-axis spindle, and then for turning “air” wood when the axis is changed. Participants practice on projects such as candle holders, goblets, and sculptures.

Barbara Dill has been a full-time woodturner and studio artist for 31 years, following a career in nursing. She is the author of Multi-Axis Spindle Turning: A Systematic Exploration (Schiffer, 2018), and also writes for American Woodturner. In addition to teaching workshops across the country, Barbara has been a featured presenter at the National Symposium of the American Association of Woodturners. Her website is

Open to intermediate turners.

Tuition: $880

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Multi-axis spindles by Barbara Dill, various hardwoods (tallest is 6”), 2008
Multi-axis spindles by Barbara Dill, various hardwoods (tallest is 6”), 2008
Wave #1 by Barbara Dill, holly (5”x5½”), 2015
Wave #1 by Barbara Dill, holly (5”x5.5”), 2015