Erica Moody
June 14-18

This course teaches woodworkers to make attractive tools, custom hardware, and accessories out of metal, in their own workshops, with simple, accessible tools. Working with brass, steel, and tool steel, each participant fabricates a metal-marking scribe, an adjustable-angle pocket bevel, and a piece of hardware such as a hinge or pull.

With step-by-step instruction, Erica covers the working characteristics of brass and steel, layout and marking, cutting, drilling, filing, sanding, silver brazing, and heat treating.

Students work with tools as varied as hammers, files, drill presses, band saws, coping saws, hack saws, MAPP gas, oxy-acetylene torches, stationary sanders, silver brazing wire and flux, and standard marking and measuring tools.

Erica Moody operates Erica Moody | Fine Metal Work in Waldoboro, ME, where she creates furniture, custom hardware, architectural fittings, and a line of serving implements. A metalworker for 27 years, her work has been noticed in publications such as Bon Appetit, New York Magazine, and Zest, and she has been featured in Metalsmith, Saveur, and Yankee. Erica has taught metalworking at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, MA, the Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, in Boston, MA, and the Woodenboat School in Brooklin, ME. Her website is

Open to all.

Tuition: $840

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Moody Brass Bevel Gauges
Brass pocket bevels by Erica Moody, brass with stainless steel blades, (2-3" long), 2017