Mark Juliana
August 30 – September 3

This course is for amateur and professional furniture makers who want to explore the applications of CNC milling technology to their work. Mark’s instruction covers the full CNC process: from designing components with CAD software, to defining toolpaths with CAM software, to safe operation of the CNC itself.

Working with their own laptops and the school’s Shopbot CNCs, participants complete a series of assigned exercises such as a desk organizer, a lidded box, a plywood step stool with knock-down joinery, a multi-part bending form, and a sample table leg that demonstrates the cutting of traditional joinery on the CNC. They also experiment with 3D surface textures on sample blocks. Specific topics include, among others

  • using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software for design and CAM operations,
  • optimizing milling operations to reduce milling time and increase accuracy,
  • safe and efficient work-holding strategies, and
  • accurate CNC operation, including basics such as changing bits, flattening spoil boards, and registering data points.

All CAD and CAM classwork is done with Fusion 360, which students should have fully installed on their laptops before they arrive.

Mark Juliana left the world of high tech in 2007 to explore more meaningful work and graduated from our Nine-month Comprehensive in 2008. He returned to Ashland, OR, where he set up a workshop and began to teach locally. In 2011, Mark returned to the Center as a Fellow and, in August of that year, joined our staff, where he now serves as Facilities Director. He is also the inventor of the EZtension bandsaw tension gauge, which he markets world-wide. Mark teaches one of our Basic Woodworking workshops, plus the CAD and CNC segments of the Comprehensive.

Open to anyone with working knowledge of a CAD program such as Rhino, Solidworks, or Fusion 360.

Tuition: $840

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CNC contro booth
Small boxes by Mark Juliana, made on the CNC with reclaimed wood (5¼”x2 5/8”x1¼”), 2016
Small boxes by Mark Juliana, made on the CNC with reclaimed wood (5.25”x2 5/8”x1.25”), 2016