Tim Rousseau
June 27 – July 1

Making and fitting drawers is an art in itself when done cleanly and efficiently. In this course, Tim shares best practices for making the three primary drawer designs used in fine casework—inset, overlay, and side-hung. The class begins with an overview of the mechanics and construction of each type of drawer, then delves into their details and refinements through discussion, demonstration, and hands-on practice.

Each participant makes one or two solid-wood drawers using classic joinery, and fits them to an existing case. Instruction covers everything from grain selection and stock preparation to getting a final piston fit with a hand plane. Topics include cutting half-blind and through dovetails, sliding dovetails, housed stubbed tenons, and splined joints with both hand and power tools, as appropriate, as well as different ways to construct drawer bottoms.

Tim Rousseau divides his time between teaching at the Center and building furniture on commission in Rockport, ME. He also produces how-to and project videos, including both our own “Welcome to Woodschool” free video library, and series such as “Making a Small Cabinet” and “Build an Asian-Inspired Hall Table” for finewoodworking.com. After completing our Furniture Intensive in 1998, Tim worked in a multifaceted group shop in Hoboken, NJ, before returning to Maine in 2003 to set up his own business. For the next 15 years, he served as a Lead Instructor for our Furniture Intensive and taught summer Workshops. Since 2019, Tim has been Lead Instructor for our Nine-month Comprehensive. His website is timothyrousseau.com.

Open to intermediate woodworkers.

Tuition: $880

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Detail of desk by Tim Rousseau, walnut, maple, 2018
Detail of desk by Tim Rousseau, walnut, maple, 2018