Molly Winton
September 12-16

In this richly informative, hands-on week, participants learn to create hollow vessels that beautifully combine shape and decoration.  Through demonstration, discussion, and one-on-one coaching, Molly teaches

  • designing with consideration for form, proportion, and surface elements;
  • specialized techniques for hollowing vessels at the lathe, such as how to avoid blowing through walls;
  • making custom, small-scale, hollowing tools from Allen wrenches;
  • decorative woodburning techniques that include making unique brands with nichrome wire and copper rivets;
  • texturing with reciprocating carvers, rotary carvers, and engravers; and
  • faux finishing and application of color.

Working at a small scale, each participant turns and embellishes numerous vessels from start to finish to maximize the learning experience and gain confidence with challenging techniques such as “blind turning” of vessel interiors. Maximum scale is about 2½” in diameter and height.

Molly Winton is an acclaimed woodturning artist in Clinton, WA. She first discovered turning in 1998 and delved into surface enhancement five years later. Since then, her work has been exhibited and sold internationally through galleries such as del Mano in Los Angeles, Wood Symphony online, and the current Ray Key Collaboration of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain. Molly has been featured in books and periodicals such as 100 Northwest Artists (Shiffer Publishing Ltd., 2014), Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2010), American Woodturner, and Woodturning. She has demonstrated widely for woodturning clubs and symposia.

Open to intermediate turners.

Tuition: $880

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Signature Minis by Molly Winton, maple burl and cherry (1½“dia.x2”), 2012
Signature Minis by Molly Winton, maple burl and cherry (1.5“dia.x2”), 2012