Rudy Lopez
September 12-16

This immersion in the art of bowl turning proceeds from the fundamentals to the fine points. Students begin by learning to turn simple, attractively shaped, open bowls, then move on to more challenging bowls with closed forms, natural-edges, and thin walls. Work is done primarily with green wood. Through demonstration, discussion, and one-on-one attention, Rudy conveys a deep understanding of technical skills and aesthetic considerations. With a constant emphasis on safety, he covers

  • wood selection, layout, grain orientation, and how to work with features and flaws,
  • best practices for chucking wood on the lathe,
  • tool selection, sharpening, and handling, with particular emphasis on mastering the bowl gouge so it becomes an extension of the hand, including when and why to use four different edge grinds,
  • the value of the negative rake scraper,
  • achieving cleanly cut surfaces that require minimum sanding, and
  • managing wood movement on and off the lathe.

Rudy Lopez is a professional woodturner in Tampa, FL, with over 40 years of experience in turning, furniture making, and cabinetmaking. Widely respected for his teaching skills, he demonstrates at regional and national symposia, including those of the American Association of Woodturners, and teaches at clubs and schools across the country. Rudy’s work has been featured in juried exhibitions at AAW symposia and at their Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, MN. His website is

Open to intermediate turners, including anyone who has completed one of our introductory courses.

Tuition: $880

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Wing Platter by Rudy Lopez, rosewood (11”x2”x18”), 2016
Wing Platter by Rudy Lopez, rosewood (11”x2”x18”), 2016
Norfolk Island pine bowl by Rudy Lopez (18"dia.), 2017
Norfolk Island pine bowl by Rudy Lopez (18"dia.), 2017