Rick Boss

May, 2022 – Rick Boss found CFC through an ad in Fine Woodworking. His wife is originally from Rockland and they visited every summer for a week anyway, so he thought he’d give it a go.  His first course was in 2010, for a one-week Introduction to Turning with Beth Ireland. Having been a hobbyist for decades, and having recently acquired a lathe, Rick recalls phoning Beth to ask her advice about getting started on the lathe ahead of the class. Her reply, “Don’t turn it on!”

Rick Boss

Since that time, Rick has completed classes in finishing, veneering, curvature, and hand tool techniques, all of which, he says, have introduced him to new skills and applications. He shares, “I recently sold my router dovetail jig system, as I prefer to make all my dovetails by hand. And I am working on a pair of outdoor chairs using laminate bending.”

Rick Boss pair of tables
Rick Boss chair in construction

After retiring from 35 years as a cardiac surgeon, Rick dedicates much more of his time to furniture making and woodturning. He recently built a detached shop at his home, which he describes as a great upgrade from his years of working in the basement.  “I primarily build furniture for my friends and family,” Rick shares, and his motto is “Will Work for Wood.” He generally charges his “customers” enough to cover costs.  He says, “It helps me fill the hours and generally keeps me out of trouble. My wife likes that I have something to do so I am not underfoot.”

Rick Boss chair
Rick Boss glass door shelf