November 2023 – Michael Danchak has been taking woodworking workshops for most of his adult life. The content of the courses varied from different specialties in woodworking, to finishing courses with Teri Masaschi. “Finishing is still one of my favorite things, which is a bit unusual for woodworkers.”

In 2006, Michael decided to retire from his collegiate teaching career to fully pursue his passion for woodworking. In 2008 he started taking workshops at CFC, and then enrolled in the Nine-month Comprehensive program to get a better handle on design. “The design focus and critiques were humbling but invaluable. I continue to ask myself, ‘What would Aled Lewis do?’ whenever I have a problem.” During his time at CFC, Michael appreciated learning precision, developing confidence with design and construction, and how to bend wood in various ways.

Michael continued after the Comprehensive with bespoke work and taking commissions, and now mostly finds himself producing work for friends and family.
Michael continues to take workshops at CFC. He finds that same named courses with a change of instructor can give you different perspectives and ideas. What continues to bring Michael joy in his work today is, “coming into a room and seeing a piece that I made and that people are still enjoying my workmanship.”