Erik Curtis Alumni

June, 2021 – As a self-proclaimed hand-tool purist, Erik Curtis says he knew nothing of “design, space or the way a piece of furniture could influence a person’s daily life” when he enrolled in the Nine-month Comprehensive back in 2012. His objective was to “learn from the best craftspeople in the world.”

Erik Curtis Alumni

Looking back now, Erik says he learned the foundations of design, how to consider a client’s needs, and how to work to a brief. But most importantly, he learned to be efficient. “I was pushed and prodded to grow in my understanding of what machines could offer a working craftsperson and the realities of meeting deadlines. It was a steep learning experience but an invaluable one.” Since graduating from the Comprehensive, Erik has built a successful woodworking career through commissions, teaching, and social media. Along the way, his creative interests have shifted to more sculptural work.

Curtis Cabinet 2
Curtis table
Curtis sculpture

Since 2017, Erik has been the woodworking and 3D design instructor at Moorestown Friends, in Moorestown, NJ. It’s a position, he reflects, “that has brought a wonderful balance to my life, giving me an opportunity to flex my teaching skills and impart a love of this craft to a younger generation.” Starting this fall, however, Erik is moving to full self-employment, thanks to opportunities generated through his presence on Instagram and the educational/inspirational videos he posts on YouTube. Those opportunities include not only sales of his work, but also custom design projects with companies such as Home Depot, Saburrtooth, and TotalBoat.

Curtis Box
Curtis cabinet
Curtis Box 2