Alexander Lohn

November 2022 – Alexander Lohn is the founder of Alessandro & Maria Design, where he designs and builds custom furniture in Austin, TX. Originally pursuing a career in Architecture, he received his Architecture degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  In college he realized an office job wasn’t for him, and, following a winding path, he decided to pursue his craft at a scale where he could have control over the design and process. Having studied furniture history and worked in an architecture woodshop as a student, he started working for a furniture maker upon graduation.

Alexander Lohn

After a year of working at the furniture studio, Alexander attended the Nine-Month Comprehensive course at CFC to accelerate his skills development, and ultimately start his own business.

Lohn woven bench
Lohn bench

Since graduating from CFC in 2019, he founded Alessandro & Maria Design and now takes on custom design projects. His largest project to date has been designing and building the interior furnishings for a church in Houston, TX.  In the future, Alexander hopes to develop his own furniture line and items to help with prayer in the home.

Lohn office
Lohn church benches