The Woodschool Blog

Eight Weeks in the Turning Studio

On January 11th, a new group of students gathered in our Turning Studio. They came from all over the country with different backgrounds and experiences, but with one unifying theme – to spend the next eight weeks immersed in the world of woodturning.


Holiday Selling Tips for Woodworkers

The holidays are a great time for woodworkers and makers to sell products. However, it can be daunting to figure out pricing, advertising, and an ideal market for your items. We asked two of our instructors, Josh Vogel and Erica Moody, to share tips on how up and coming craftspeople can chart their own courses through these challenges.


Veterans Day Spotlight


In honor of Veterans Day, we’d like to share the story of one of our staff members, who, before joining us at the woodschool, proudly served in the U.S. Air Force. After completing six years of service Matt McLaughlin began pursuing his interest in woodworking by building furniture in his father’s workshop. Eager to hone his skills and advance beyond the fundamentals, Matt applied to our 2017-2018 Nine-month Comprehensive program, for which he was able to use his GI Bill ® Education Benefits. 

Contemporary Greenwood Exhibit


Our Contemporary Greenwood exhibit is now on display in the Messler Gallery, through January 2, 2020. This exhibit showcases woodworkers who harvest their materials from freshly felled trees, while both wood and bark are green and pliable. In their own words, below, the artisans express their relationships with crafting in greenwood.

Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Ben Spilling


Earlier this month we publicly released the documentary short, A Life’s Work: The Philosophy of a Craftsman by British filmmaker Ben Spilling. The 17-minute film features CFC’s founder and Executive Director Peter Korn, along with commentary from CFC instructors Tom Caspar, Aaron Fedarko, Beth Ireland, Tim Rousseau, and Craig Satterlee, as well as from gallerist Bebe Johnson and manufacturer Thomas Moser. Recently we had a chance to chat with Spilling about his interest in craft and how he came to make this, his third documentary on craft.