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Individual Scholarships

KellySandman Basic W2019 Scholarship recipient Lia Karras


Scholarships encourage the participation of talented individuals who could not otherwise afford to attend our courses. They are funded by private gifts, the Au Pair General Scholarship Fund to encourage women in woodworking, the Ben V. Branscom Scholarship Fund, the Thomas Lie-Nielsen Scholarship Fund, and our scholarship endowment.


Workshop Scholarships

In 2020 we will award approximately 18 scholarships for one-week and two-week workshops. These scholarships generally cover the full cost of tuition, but successful applicants must confirm their participation by paying the standard $80 registration fee and remain responsible for the costs of their own travel, lodging, meals, materials, and any supply fees.

To apply, please submit the following by April 1, 2020.

  1. A letter explaining your qualifications, your financial need, and the benefit you hope to get from the course

  2. Your resumé

  3. A list of up to three workshops you would like to attend, in order of preference

  4. Up to five images of any woodworking or artwork you have done previously

  5. The names and telephone numbers of three references

E-mail applications to

Notifications will be sent by April 15.


Intensive & Comprehensive Scholarships

In 2020 we will award 

    • a $3,000 scholarship for each Furniture Intensive,
    • a $2,000 scholarship for the Turning Intensive, and
    • two $10,000 scholarships for the Nine-month Comprehensive.

Applications are due three months to the day before the start of each course. Notification will be made within two weeks.

To apply for an Intensive scholarship, please submit:

  1. A letter explaining your qualifications, your financial need, and the benefit you hope to get from the course
  2. Your resumé
  3. Up to five images of any woodworking or artwork you have done previously
  4. Names and telephone numbers of three references

To apply for a Comprehensive scholarship, please submit a letter explaining your financial need (in addition to the standard course application materials) to

  1. A letter explaining your qualifications, your financial need, and the benefit you hope to get from the course


Financial Support Through Other Organizations

Educational grants are available from:


Allen Booth

Berkshire Woodworkers Guild

The Furniture Society

The Krenov Foundation



Institutional Scholarships

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Teaching the Teachers Overview

Our Teaching the Teachers program awards scholarships directly to educational and service organizations that teach woodworking to economically disadvantaged communities in the U.S. and abroad. We hope to further the work of these organizations by giving their instructors new woodworking skills and a vision of the educational woodshop that they can share with their own communities throughout a lifetime of teaching. For 2020, Teaching the Teachers is supported by the Mattina R. Proctor Foundation, the Horowitz Family Scholarship Fund, and the Betterment Fund.


Institutional Partners

Institutional partners in Teaching the Teachers nominate their own instructors for fully funded participation in our Workshops and Community Classes. Scholarships pay all expenses except registration fees and costs provided for by a partner institution’s professional development policies. Covered expenses may include tuition, materials, transportation, and room and board.

We welcome inquiries from potential institutional partners with demonstrated outreach to economically disadvantaged communities, such as community colleges, trade schools, Title I secondary schools with Career and Technical Education programs, and nonprofit and governmental social-service organizations. Current institutional partners for Teaching the Teachers are





Institutional Affiliates

Through Teaching the Teachers, we are also teaming up with advocacy organizations that promote woodworking education for vocational training and economic development. Current affiliates are

We welcome inquiries from organizations that align with the mission of Teaching the Teachers.



Nomination Process

Organizations interested in nominating instructors for Teaching the Teachers scholarships or becoming affiliates should contact Ellen Dyer, the Center’s Development Director, at

See our Nomination Guidelines.

For priority consideration for 2021 scholarships, institutional partners should email their nominations by December 31, 2020 to Notification will be sent by January 15, 2021. After December 31, nominations will be reviewed for acceptance as they arrive, if funds are still available.



Financial Aid Philosophy

Teaching the Teachers is designed to benefit educational and service organizations that teach woodworking to economically disadvantaged communities. In order to assist as many organizations as possible, we ask partner institutions to shoulder as much of their instructors’ expenses as their own policies provide for.  




Our campus comprises four buildings on 18 acres of meadow and woods along the Oyster River in Rockport, ME. Courses are held in the 4,200-square-foot Workshop Building and the 5,600-square-foot Satterlee Building. The Studio Fellowship Program is housed in the 6,800-squarefoot Thomas Miller Jackson Building, which also contains the Whittington Woodturing Studio and the Mattina Proctor Finishing Studio.

Each of these buildings has a bench room, a classroom, and a machine room. Bench rooms are outfitted with European-style workbenches, one per participant. Classrooms are furnished with tables and benches suitable to specialized activities such as drafting, carving, and finishing. Machine rooms are equipped with high-quality machinery of a scale appropriate to the advanced amateur and small professional shop.

Each machine room has full dust-collection and is furnished with 10" tablesaws, a 12" sliding tablesaw, 8" and 12" jointers, 12" and 15" thickness planers, 14" and 20" bandsaws, drill presses, a lathe, a shaper, a chopsaw, a scrollsaw, a slot mortiser, grinders, stationary sanders, and an oscillating spindle sander. All facilities offer a plentiful assortment of hand tools and hand-held power tools for your use. The Woodturning Studio is equipped with twleve Oneway 1640 lathes. Also, there is a Shopbot PRS Alpha CNC for shared use in the Jackson Building.

The fourth building on campus is home to the Messler Gallery, the administrative office, and the Fine Woodworking Library, which houses a large collection of books, periodicals, and instructional DVDs. The reading area is comfortably furnished, and has a computer that provides internet access. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the campus.

Registration Information


How to Register

Registration for 2020 Workshops officially begins on December 16, 2019. Registration for Intensives is rolling. You may register by telephone at 207-594-5611 during business hours, or you can complete the registration form and return it by mail or fax with the registration fee, your tuition deposit, and any housing deposit. It’s a good idea to call ahead to check course availability.


Tuition for Community Class                 
$     330
Tuition for a one-week Workshop
$     820
Tuition for a two-week Workshop
$  1,460
Tuition for Furniture Intensive
$  8,120
Tuition for Turning Intensive
$  5,430
Tuition for Nine-month Comprehensive      
Non-refundable registration fee
$       80
Private room/shared house
$  340 per week (for Workshop participants)


    • The deposit for Workshops is $200 per course.
    • The deposit for the Intensives and Nine-month Comprehensive is $500.
    • The deposit for a private room/shared house is $100.


    • Full payment of Workshop tuition and housing is due 30 days prior to the first day of class.
    • Full payment of tuition for the Intensives and Nine-month Comprehensive is due 60 days prior to the first day of class.
    • We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Refunds and Cancellations

    • If you withdraw from a Workshop more than 30 days in advance, we will refund your deposits, less the $80 registration fee. No refund will be given for withdrawal once we are within 30 days of your Workshop and full payment will be due.
    • If you withdraw from an Intensive or Comprehensive more than 60 days in advance, we will refund half of your $500 deposit. No refund will be given for withdrawal once we are within 60 days of the course and full payment will be due. 
    • In the unusual event that Center for Furniture Craftsmanship must cancel a course, deposits and fees will be promptly refunded.

Download a PDF registration form here.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Planned Giving


Through planned giving you can make a significant contribution to the Center without compromising your current financial position. Some planned gifts can provide you with additional income. Many reduce your taxes. The greatest benefit, however, is knowing that you have strengthened the school’s ability to transmit the passion for craftsmanship to future generations.
To discuss a planned gift, we encourage you to contact our Executive Director, Peter Korn, at 207-594-5611 or

Gifts that Ensure the Center's Future

You can leave a specific gift or a portion of your estate to the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in your will. In some cases your estate could receive a reduction in federal and state income taxes.

Life Insurance
If you no longer have a need for the benefits, you can contribute your life insurance policy simply by naming the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship as its owner, beneficiary, and/or partial beneficiary.

Retirement Plan
By naming the Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plan you may eliminate double taxation, where both income and estate taxes would be levied on retirement plan assets left to your heirs.

Gifts that Pay You Income

Charitable Remainder Trust
With a CRT you can place cash or property in a trust that benefits you and/or another person for life and receive immediate income tax benefits. After the deaths of all beneficiaries, remaining principle is transferred to the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship.

Gifts the Center Can Use Today

Charitable Lead Trust
Through a CLT you can place cash or property into a trust that benefits the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship for a specific number of years. Once this period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to individuals whom you’ve named. In some cases you receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Real Estate and Appreciated Securities
Gifts of real estate or securities that have appreciated in value can provide you with significant tax advantages. You may be able to take a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the gift and eliminate capital gains tax on the sale of the asset.


In making a planned gift, you can also decide how you would like to see it used on behalf of the school. Should it become endowment that provides income to the school in perpetuity? Should it be spent outright to improve a particular program or facility? Or would you prefer to have the Board of Directors determine how your gift can best serve the school’s interests at the time it is received?

Specific areas you might choose to support through endowment include:

Your investment in the Scholarship Endowment will enable talented individuals, who could not otherwise afford tuition, to engage in life-changing, educational experiences.

Your gift to the Fellowship Endowment will provide emerging professional furniture makers, turners, and carvers with advanced, creative opportunities to jumpstart their careers.

Faculty Development
Your generosity to the Faculty Endowment will strengthen the school’s greatest resource—its ability to attract exceptional professional woodworkers from around the globe to its faculty.    

Your contribution to the Maintenance Endowment will keep our campus, buildings, and equipment in topnotch condition for future generations of students and instructors.

Visiting Artists
Your donation to the Visiting Artist Endowment will enable outstanding professional woodworkers to inspire our students and Studio Fellows while exploring fresh directions in their own work.
Building on the school’s record of strong financial stewardship, your planned gift will be managed with competence and respect.

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