April 16 – May 26, 2021

“Current Student Work” showcases furniture and decorative objects created by participants in the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s flagship professional training, the Nine-Month Comprehensive. Ranging in age from 18-56, the students come from an array of backgrounds and professions. The latter include environmental engineering, information technology, contract construction, biochemistry, cabinet making, sculpture, and military service. For many, this exhibition is their first opportunity to present work in a professional setting.

Tim Rousseau, Lead Instructor for the course, says “I salute this year’s students for persevering through the pandemic to create such a fine body of work. The range of creative expression and the quality of craftsmanship are outstanding.”

Exhibitors in “Current Student Work” are Dotan Appelbaum, from Minnesota, Jeffrey Aurand, from New York, Wayne Branch, from Colorado, Adam Dixon, from Ohio, Benji Gavron, from the UK, Glen Gordon, from Maine, Aaron Johnson, from Minnesota, J. Cody, from New York, Sam Mercer, from California, Christopher Schmidt, from Wisconsin, Graham Sparks, from Rhode Island, and Elliott Spear, from Maine.

Dotan Appelbaum | Minneapolis, MN. Abulafia Lectern, 2021. Walnut, maple, maple veneer, Brusso hinges, brass. NFS. 348" x 20" x 20".

Dotan Appelbaum

Jeffery Aurand | Pittsford, NY. Peep Show, 2020.   Walnut, birch, oil. $1,800. 30" x 7" x 5".

Jeffrey Aurand

Jeffery Aurand | Pittsford, NY. Vessels, 2021. Cherry, poplar, ash, jute (various combinations). $500 each. Approx. 34" x 7" x 4".

Jeffrey Aurand

Wayne Branch Gypsum, CO. Wooden Head Banjo, 2021. Maple, mahogany, rosewood, ebony, Waverly turning pegs, Aquila nylgut strings. NFS. 10" rim, 25.5" scale.

Wayne Branch

Adam Dixon | Ashtabula, OH. Campaign Inspired Desk on Table, 2021. Cherry, birdseye maple, leather, oil. Desk $3500, Table $1000: Paired $4000. 22" x 37" x 23".

Adam Dixon

Adam Dixon | Ashtabula, OH. Tabletop Vanity, 2021. Cherry, African blackwood, oil. $1,200. 26.5" x 26" x 9".

Adam Dixon

Benji Gavron | London, UK. 8 Wiggles, 2021. Wiggle wood, beech veneer, sapele veneer, oil. NFS. 27.5" x 36" x 9".

Benji Gavron

Glen Gordon | Freeport, ME. Arches Sideboard, 2021. Cherry, maple, rosewood, tung oil. $7,400. 35" x 60" x 20".

Glen Gordon

Glen Gordon | Freeport, ME. Rockport Table, 2021. Walnut, maple, rosewood, tung oil. $2,100. 29" x 36" x 18".

Glen Gordon

Aaron Johnson | New Ulm, MN. Traditional Inspired Scandinavian Chest, 2021. Maple, bloodwood, amboyna burl, oil. $6,500. 16" x 11.5" x 8".

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson | New Ulm, MN. U.S. Flag Case, 2021. Walnut, cherry, brass, oil. $280. 11" x 17" x 2.5".

Aaron Johnson

J. Cody | Brooklyn, NY. Dolly, 2021. Poplar, beech, osmo, enamel paint. $5,600. 24" x 48" x 15".

J. Cody

Sam Mercer | Los Angeles, CA. Side Table, 2021. Douglas fir, shellac, oil. $1,400. 24" x 18.25" dia.

Sam Mercer

Christopher Schmidt | Madison, WI. RL Printer Stand, 2021. Oak, walnut, oil. NFS. 20.25" x 26" x 14.25".

Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt | Madison, WI. Drinks Table, 2021. Cherry, rosewood. NFS. 27” x 49” x 14”.

Christopher Schmidt

Graham Sparks | Providence, RI. Occasional Drawing Cabinet, 2021. Ash. $6,500. 49" x 21.75" x 13.5"

Graham Sparks

Elliott Spear | Rockland, ME. Great Blue Heron, 2021. Oak, walnut, ash. $16,000. 5'6" x 30" dia.

Elliott Spear