These policies are designed to

  1. maintain the safest possible learning environment on campus for students, faculty, and staff, and
  2. enable CFC to continue delivering courses with the least possible disruption.

As best practices for dealing with the coronavirus evolve, we will update these policies to implement new health authority advisories and government policies.  


  1. Staff, instructors, and students who meet any one of the following criteria must not come to school:
    1. Running a temperature in excess of 100°.
    2. Symptoms of respiratory illness such as sneezing, coughing, or shortness of breath
    3. Diagnosed with Covid-19 (remain off-campus for whatever quarantine period is currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control)
    4. Exposed directly to Covid-19 (remain off-campus for whatever quarantine period is currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control)
  2. People who have symptoms and/or temperature may return to campus under the following conditions:
    1. They test negative for Covid-19 and are beyond the probable transmission point for a cold or flu (which is 7 days after the first symptoms appeared).
  • Testing by the Maine Center for Disease Control is supposed to be available with a 24-48 hour turnaround through Penbay Hospital’s emergency room.
    • Before going to the emergency room, call ahead to be sure they are prepared to receive you. The number is 207-301-8315
    • If they put you off for any reason, your next step is to contact CFC Director Peter Korn ( or mobile 207-607-1027).


  1. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds with soap and water).
  2. Do not share food on campus.
  3. Avoid using common dishes and cutlery. We have removed all shared dishes, glasses, mugs, utensils, pots, pans, etc.
    • Every person on campus must provide their own mess kit and keep it segregated. 
  4. As part of the daily shop clean up, students clean/disinfect counter tops, door knobs, toilets, sinks, faucet handles and faucets, light switches, paper-towel dispenser handles, and machinery switches and hand wheels with spray solutions and supplies provided by CFC Facilities Staff.
    • Fellows do the same for the gallery, library, and Jackson Building.
    • Office staff have responsibility for daily cleaning/disinfecting of the office, kitchen, and gallery bathroom, including counters, desk tops, doorknobs, sink fixtures, toilets, phones, light switches, and keyboards.
    • Sponges for cleaning dishes are replaced weekly.
    • Rags for all other cleaning are collected daily for washing and re-use.
  5. Do not share hearing protection or eye protection.
  6. Observe good hygiene practices
    • Avoid touching your own face
    • Avoid shaking hands
    • Sneeze or cough into an elbow, mask, or handkerchief.