Alumni and Fellows 2021

Call for Entries


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  • -Open to all alumni and all former Fellows
  • -Submitted work may not have been made during a program at CFC

Exhibition Dates and Venue

          January 22 - April 7, 2021 at the Messler Gallery

Design and Selection Criteria

  • -Furniture and furnishings, turning, carving, and sculpture are welcome.
  • -Work must have wood as its primary material.
  • -Jurors will select work that achieves excellence in design and fabrication.
  • -Submissions must be completed works, not drawings or models.
  • -Submissions must have been made within the past five years.
  • -Submissions may not have been previously exhibited at the Messler Gallery.


Tib Shaw, Curator, American Association of Woodturners

Josh Vogel, Artist/Designer JV LLC//. BCMT Co 

Jeremy Zietz, Principal Designer, Steelcase


Submission Guidelines

  • -Submissions are to be made through entrythingy via (link on our website).
  • -Each applicant may submit up to three pieces, and up to four images per piece.
  • -Only one piece per applicant may be accepted.
  • -Image file size is not important but should be no larger than 2mg; jpegs and pdfs are preferred.
  • -ENTRYTHINGY instructions:
  • -Each piece = 1 Entry
  • -Each Entry allows for 3 additional views of that piece
  • -You may enter up to 3 Entries (3 pieces)
  • -After uploading your images please double check how your entry will look by clicking 'see jury view' on the right side of the page.
  • -When satisfied, hit 'Submit Entry.'
  • -An 'Add Entry' button will appear in the upper right corner, if you would like to add another piece.
  • -There is no charge to submit for this call.

Application Deadline

Entries must be received by September 1, 2020


September 1, 2020            Deadline for submissions

September 16, 2020          Finalists selected for gallery show and all entrants notified of results

January 14-15, 2021         Delivery of work to Messler Gallery

January 22, 2021              Opening of Messler Gallery exhibition

April 7, 2021                      Exhibition ends at Messler Gallery



Work does not need to be for sale.

Exhibitors agree to pay a 25% commission on work sold outright from the exhibition and a 10% commission on any orders taken as a result of the show.

Exhibitors are responsible for arranging the delivery and return of the works to be exhibited, as well as for any crating or packing expense, but CFC will cover the costs of round-trip freight and insurance, within reason.


If you have questions, please contact Messler Gallery Manager, Victoria Allport at or 207-594-5611.