Contemporary Greenwood


September 20, 2019 - January 2, 2020

ROCKPORT, ME ­­– An exhibition of greenwood furniture, furnishings, and art created by leading international makers opened at the Messler Gallery in Rockport, Maine, on Friday, September 20 and runs through January 2, 2020.

“Greenwood” woodworkers harvest their materials from freshly felled trees, while both the wood and the bark are green and pliable. The artisans in Contemporary Greenwood have used these materials to create furniture, baskets, sculpture, and bowls that arrest the eye and please the hand. Like bowl-carver Amy Umbel, an exhibitor from Friendsville, MD, many of them strive to “incorporate craft tradition while keeping the work culturally relevant.”

International exhibitors include David Colwell (United Kingdom), AnneLie Karlsson (Sweden), Anders Lindberg (Sweden), Elisabeth Mezieres (France), Beth Moen (Sweden), and Ramon Persson (Sweden). Exhibitors from across the U.S. include Curtis Buchanan (Jonesborough, TN), Christian Burchard (Ashland, OR), Dave Chapman (Spring Green, WI), Jarrod Dahl (Ashland, WI), David Fisher (Greenville, PA), Peter Galbert (Roslindale, MA), Mark Gardner (Saluda, NC), Mike Loeffler (Grand Marais, MN), Tim Manney (Brunswick, ME), Clifton Monteith (Lake Ann, MI), Leon Niehues (Huntsville, AR), Jim Sannerud (St. Paul, MN), Billy Ray Sims (Camden, ME), Polly Adams Sutton (Seattle, WA), Amy Umbel (Friendsville, MD), and Jennifer Zurick (Berea, KY).