A Nation of Enchanted Form: Woodturning Artists Across North America

April 22 - June 16, 2005

Curator's Statement

In an artistic world of many shapes and colors, there may not be anything as important as Form. We are touched and influenced everyday by appearance. The harmony and flow tends to be intuitive yet ever present. Good form  stands the test of time and this is evident in this collection of work. The combination of classical aesthetic with beautiful materials results in a spiritual quality.

Wood lends itself as an important part of attaining such qualities. Whether releasing its inner beauty or manipulating its make up, its warmth inspires direction. We are drawn to wood…it enchants us… it speaks to us…. It tells us a story. The pieces in this exhibit all have a story to tell… just listen.

“A Nation of Enchanted Form” represents turned wood Art and Sculpture spanning the continent. Artists from 18 states and 3 Canadian provinces were invited to exhibit…. The outcome is an eclectic, exciting and passionate exhibit of cutting edge work being done in the field of Wood Art today.

-Jacques Vesery, Guest Curator