New Work By Faculty (2009)

June 29th, 2009 – September 4th, 2009 (view images)

The 23 faculty members included in this show represent the uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and design excellence our teachers strive for and impart on the nearly 300 students who attend the school every year.  The diversity of work reflects the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s teaching philosophy, which is to encourage each student to find his or her own creative voice.

The Center’s instructors come from all over the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, and England. The work on exhibit speaks of the diverse backgrounds and visions of the faculty. Kevin Rodel’s Prairie-Style Light Box is a striking example of the Arts and Crafts tradition. Alternatively, Pete Schlebecker’s Sunrise Lamp. incorporates contemporary technology with colorful LED bulbs and an illumintation-by-touch feature. Drawings by artist John Walley, a “plyscape” by Stephen Gleasner, and a wooden torso by Chris Pye complement the Center’s functional furniture making emphasis with the world of sculpture and painting.

The images below are a sample of the 27 pieces on display.


Jennifer Anderson


Ted Blachly

Adrian Ferrazzutti

Adrian Ferrazzutti


Adrian Ferrazzutti


Adrian Ferrazzutti


Peter Galbert


Mark Gardner

Matthew Hill


James Macdonald


Mason McBrien


Brian Reid

Kevin Rodel


John McAlevey


Chris Pye


David Upfill-Brown

John Whalley