Celebrating the Studio Fellowship (2010)

February 19, 2010 – April 2, 2010

All of the work on display—which includes everything from fine furniture and to abstract sculpture—has been created by current and former participants in the Center's Studio Fellowship program. "This is adventurous, fresh work from emerging makers with impressive talent and drive,” says Peter Korn, the Center's Executive Director.

Exhibitors include Flemming Christiansen, Aaron Fedarko, Reuben Foat, Reed Hansuld, Tyler Killian, Yuri Kobayashi, Chloris Lowe, Mason McBrien, Tim Nuanes, Riccardo Ramirez, Brian Reid, Libby Schrum, and Vince Scully.

The Studio Fellowship program is an incubator for emerging furniture makers and wood artists. Six fellows at a time share free workshop space in the Center's Jackson Building for terms ranging from a month to a year. Their primary responsibility is exploring new work, as the exhibition makes abundantly evident.

Yuri Kobayashi, a former fellow who teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design, says, "At the Center I found heartfelt and enthusiastic support for the importance of craft and the sharing of its traditions. The message was: Be ambitious, push your skills, and take them out into the world."


Aaron Fedarko



Reed Hansuld



Reed Hansuld


Tyler Killian


Yuri Kobayashi


Chloris Lowe


Tim Nuanes


Tim Nuanes


Libby Schrum