Current Student Work (2015)

April 17 - May 27, 2015

“Current Student Work” features furniture and furnishings by participants in the school’s Nine-Month Comprehensive course. The students come from variety of backgrounds, from recent college graduations and military service, to previous careers in health care, agriculture, biochemistry, and interaction design.

The Lead Instructor for the course is Aled Lewis, a highly respected furniture maker from the U.K. Reflecting on his current students’ accomplishments, he commented, “People will be gob-smacked at the level of design and craftsmanship this group has reached in so short a time.”

Exhibitors in “Current Student Work” are Dana Baer from Maryland, Topher Baldwin from Virginia, Ralph Dayton from Costa Rica, Chris Gentry from Virginia, Sandra Henderson from Massachusetts, Tim MacArthur from Maine, Claudio Martino Fierro from Venezuela, Tony Mathews from New York, Dave Richard from New York, Andrew Sterling from Michigan, Brooks Wolfe from Tennessee, and Logan Windram from Colorado.

The Nine-month Comprehensive program is designed for aspiring professional furniture makers and dedicated amateurs who seek in-depth training at the highest standard of excellence. Lewis is joined is joined for different parts of the course by co-teachers with specific expertise in casework, finishing, carving, drawing, bending, veneering, marquetry, turning, and chair making, among other skills. Instructors from Maine include Aaron Fedarko, Linden Frederick, Ezra Howell, Jim Macdonald, Mason McBrien, Tim Rousseau, and Valdemar Skov. Other instructors include Bruce Beeken, from Vermont, Beth Ireland from Massachusetts, Sarah Kay, from England, and Ian Stewart from Canada.