Intermediate Turning

Beth Ireland
June 20-24

This workshop is an excellent next step for those who have taken an introductory turning course. Beth begins it with a series of exercises that review fundamentals of spindle, end grain, and faceplate turning. She then leads students into more complex techniques for safely and effectively making spindles, bowls, and boxes with standard turning tools such as gouges, skew chisels, scrapers, and parting tools. Participants also learn to make custom tools—such as one for hollow turning— in order to achieve professional-level results. Finally, there is a chance to explore offset turning and architectural carving.

Beth Ireland has been a professional woodworker in Roslindale, MA, since 1983, specializing in woodturning, furniture, and cabinetry. She holds a graduate degree in sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and her work has been widely exhibited and published throughout the U.S. Her business encompasses everything from one-of-a-kind sculpture to production runs of furniture and turnings. Her website is


Open to intermediate turners, including anyone who has completed one of our introductory courses.

Tuition: $750

ireland-segment-bowlSegmented Bowl by Beth Ireland, bigleaf maple burl, ebony, maple, satinwood, dyed veneer (6" dia. x 4"), 1999

  ireland image for next stepsThree Small Vessels by Beth Ireland, maple, polymer clay, epoxy, 2000