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Brian Reid's latest work-in-progress

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BrianReid fellowship4


Furniture Intensive instructor Brian Reid is in the fellowship this month working on a piece which will be shown at The Gallery at Somes Sound this fall. The show will feature Brain's work alongside that of his woodworking students from the Maine Prison Program. Brian's project is being funded by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission.

The Art of Wood

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Gilded Jacques Pieces

Students in our "Turned, Carved, and Gilded Spoons" Workshop taught by Jacques Vesery (whose pieces are shown above) have been exploring techniques used to create artistic effects on sculptural objects in wood. Using spoons and bowls as a jumping-off point, they have been turning, carving, burning, gilding, texturing, and painting their creations. It’s great to see such well-executed examples of unusual surface treatment and decoration, and it looks like a lot of fun!

Inside the Studio Fellowship

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Fellowship 2016 Group

The Studio Fellowship is comprised of a revolving group of emerging and established woodworkers who spend anywhere from 1-12 months honing their skills and pushing their work in new and challenging directions.