Current Student Work

Written by Chelsea Van Voorhis on .

2019student show1

Current Student Work, which presents the work of graduating participants in our Nine-month Comprehensive course, is on display from April 19 – May 29, 2019. We asked students for their thoughts on their pieces…  

2019student show bench

Image Ken Diamond, Bench

CV- "What were some challenges you faced while making this bench?"

Ken- “Since every section is curved I didn’t have any reference points to measure off of for the joinery.” 

2019student show

Image Alex Lohn, Table

CV- “Were there any unexpected challenges that you had not planned for when building this table?”

Alex- “Time and finish. The first coat of finish was not acceptable. I had to sand it completely off and start over.” 

2019student show2


2019student show3

Image Joseph Flynn, Casepiece

CV- "Is there anything about this piece that you particularly love?"

Joseph- “This piece is made from three matching boards from the same tree. When I laid out the pieces, I made sure to cut out the knot that showed on all three boards.” 

2019student show4

Image Denise Gaul, First Edition Bookcase

CV- "Is there anything you would do differently on this piece if you made it again?"

Denise- “I’m very happy with it, but I would make the drawers a little shorter for proportion.” 

2019student show5

2019student show6

Image Caitriona Fiero, Twypist Desk

CV- "What was your inspiration for this piece?"

Caitriona- “I prioritized form over function; I’m happy with how it turned out even though not everyone will understand how it will be used.”

2019student show7

Image Tyler Willmon, Mt. Rockvale Stool and Mt. Rockvale Vanity

CV- "Were there any unexpected challenges that you had not planned for when building this table?"

Tyler- “Shaping and finishing the brass took more time than was anticipated. I ended up reaching out to a metalworking instructor, Erica Moody, for advice.”

2019student show8

Image Christ Merchant, Repulsion and Connection Desk

CV- "What were some challenges you faced while making this table?"

Chris- “When I starting building this piece I was not sure how well the dome portion would stabilize the table; it was a design experiement. I am very happy with how the dome turned out and that it adds to the piece visually and structurally.”

2019student show9

2019student show tableImage William Bihlmeyer, Promontory Coffee Table

CV- "Was there any step in constructing this table that was particullarly difficult for you?"

William- “The legs of this coffee table provided certain challenges, the middle one was easy but getting the two sides to be even and the top to be level was difficult.”

2019student show10

Image Osamu Sassa, Daybed

CV- "How did you come up with this design?"

Sam- “When I started constructing the top of this daybed, I had not even designed the legs yet. It wasn’t until after I shaped the top that I came up with the arch shape for the book-end legs and the steam bent stretcher for stability.” 

2019student show11

2019student show12

Image Karen Shaffer, Nice and Spicy

CV- "Is there anything you would do differently to this piece?"

Karen- “I would finish turning the wooden bottle toppers and herb dish. It’s not finished unless it has all the spice accessories.” 

2019student show13

Image Paul Keating, Casepiece

CV- "Is there anything you would do differently if you made this piece again?"

Paul- “This is designed in a four-to-one ratio. The proportions and negative space were fully thought out. If I could change this I would make four drawers instead of three.”

2019student show14

Image Peter Nielsen, Flower Vases

CV- "What inspired you when designing these vases?"

Peter- “A bouquet of flowers can brighten up a room, but they often end up in a cold material such as glass or steel. I felt a wooden vase would more naturally compliment the warmth and beauty of the flowers.”

2019student show15