Scholarships in 2017

Written by Dorrie Higbee on .

With the Workshop scholarship application deadline approaching, we look back at some of our 2017 recipients and their experience at the Center. Students identify many reasons for attending our programs including fulfilling their dreams of doing meaningful work with their hands, following their passion, building their skills, and building confidence. The rewards are rich for faculty, students, and staff alike, as we broaden the Woodschool community.

scholarshipblogPhoto credit Tor Erickson


Many doors open as a result of attending the Workshops and Intensives. Whether it is creative exploration, learning new techniques, or a personal connection, stepping through these doors expands the woodworking horizons of our students.


For some having access to our facilities helps them prioritize their own shop acquisitions, knowing, for example, which pieces are essential to their process and which ones they can do without.




For others, a workshop advances their skills to create marketable products and grow their businesses.



And for others it builds their network of makers for support in the field. An excerpt from a note from one of our recipients reads, “I am grateful for the knowledgeable teachers, beautiful work spaces, the extensive tools, and the gathering of other passionate people.”



One recipient of a Furniture Intensive scholarship writes, “The knowledge and skills gained from being able to attend can be seen in the enhanced quality of craftsmanship now encompassed in my pieces. This craftsmanship is apparent through the entire creative process from concept to finish. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity.”



For some the scholarship is life changing as they start a path in a new direction. “…when I heard the news of my scholarship, the opportunity to attend the workshop that I would not otherwise be able to afford, your investment in my training felt like a miracle.”




We look forward to welcoming our next roster of scholars for the coming season.