Community Class Overview

Written by Heide Martin on .

A lot can happen in two days. In 2010 the Center introduced the Community Class program to provide access to the same quality instruction as our longer programs in a format more suitable for those who cannot schedule the full time-attendance during the week. What we have found is not only is this serving our neighboring community, but the Community Classes have also acted as an introduction to new students from afar, given veteran students the opportunity to fill in a few extra skills, and allowed curious on-lookers to discover if their interests might be worth cultivating further.

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Our instructor roster includes the same names found in our long programs, including Valdemar Skov, who teaches carving.

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Instructors Beth Ireland and Stephen Gleasner bring their expertise and enthusiasm to our Community Classes.

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Class topics have included everything from Very Basic Woodworking to Machine Maintenance. Past classes have provided instruction in Letter Carving, Bandsaw Boxes, Seat Weaving, Finishing, Turning, Marquetry, Machine Maintenance, String Inlay, Ornament Making, Paddles, Bowls, and more. The variety keeps students coming back.

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In our Introduction to Woodworking class, students use hand tools to create a simple bench project to bring home.

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Machine Maintenance is always a popular class among woodworkers.

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Mason McBrien offers a bit of his hand tool wisdom.

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It is always impressive to see what students can achieve in two short days. In our Seat Weaving class, students learned the intricacies of hand-caning a chair from master weaver Bernard Zike.

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Students learned how to make a paddle in a weekend from carver and turner Ken Wise.

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Many of our Community Class students take multiple classes over the years, and some even decide to stay on for a workshop, an Intensive, and even the Comprehensive. Two days is a small investment that brings about large returns.

Upcoming classes include: Learn to Turn, December 2-3, 2017, with Ken Wise, and Hand Tool Clinic, December 9-10 2017, with Mason McBrien. Interested in getting information about upcoming classes? Sign up for our enewsletter.