Guest Blog: Workshop Season

Written by Dorrie Higbee on .

Workshop season is full of JOY here at the woodschool. Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week as students arrive with the excitement and anticipation of their first day of class. For some this is a bucket list experience, for others a career enhancement, a curiosity, a continuation of a lifelong hobby, or a new exploration. Whatever it is that brings them here, our students are given a week or two filled with instruction on new skills or ideas to percolate when they return to their respective homes. From beginner to advanced, from traditional skills to the technological advancements of today, the workshop curricula is rich with valuable content each week. When I walk through the classroom I see smiles of satisfaction and accomplishment from both newly discovered skills and complex problem solving. It is my joy to see these smiles of our students while they are here on their woodworking holiday.


Above, Peter Korn giving the Monday morning introduction to all new classes on campus. Below, each Basic Woodworking learns about the proper maintenance of hand tools, including sharpening techniques for their chisels.

Untitled 2

Basic Woodworking student cutting dovetails.

Untitled 22

Turning student applying color and texture to a freshly turned bowl.Untitled 1

Below, preparing for a project glue-up.



A woodschool tradition - weekly croquet tournaments are held on the pitch for some friendly competition.


Thursday night potluck, complete with lobster, for the full Maine experience.



The smile of satisfaction with the completion of the project.

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