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It has been a busy few months in the Fellowship since our last update in April. The summer is always a busy time in the Fellowship, and the long hours of sunlight seem to translate into long work hours. Since April, the program has seen a number of CFC alumni pass through, as well as Center instructors.


The roundup of current and most recent fellows includes…

Dean Babin, a recent alumnus from our 2016-2017 Nine-month Comprehensive, focuses during a glue up. T.C. Mannetta, a professional furniture maker and 2012 alumnus of our Furniture Intensive, discusses a new design during a studio critique.



Martin Hackl, who came to our Furniture Intensive this year from Austria via Cambridge, works on the details of a walnut lounge chair. Matthew Martin, a South African designer who is also a 2017 graduate of our Furniture Intensive, shows off the whiskey cabinet he completed during the course.



Peter Lutz, a professional furniture maker based out of Rhode Island, has taken two of our workshops, and is spending his time in the Fellowship developing a series of products.



Furniture makers working in the Fellowship often have the opportunity to work alongside CFC instructors and resident artists, and the last few months have been no exception. Reed Hansuld and Mark Catalini passed through the Fellowship earlier this spring, and Michaela Stone and Yuri Kobayashi are current fellows.


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One of the benefits of our Fellowship is the opportunity to engage in both structured critique and the informal sharing of ideas. Biweekly critiques with CFC director Peter Korn and current instructors give fellows the opportunity to have focused feedback on design and technical questions. Below are a few scenes from a recent critique: fellow T.C. Mannetta answers questions on his CNC engraved box to Peter Korn; fellow Dean Babin discusses the challenges of upholstering a chair; and Furniture Intensive instructor Austin Matheson and fellow Yuri Kobayashi having fun learning about Dean’s next project (what is it? Follow our Instagram account for updates!).





While there is much value in formal critiques, the significance of day-to-day feedback shouldn’t be underestimated. Fellows are diverse in skill and experience and aesthetic bent, and conversations in the shop are often lively. Here, fellow and instructor Michaela Stone advises Matthew Martin on the construction of his coopered plant container. Below, images of Matthew’s completed vessel, sketches for future projects, and another coopered vessel by fellow Peter Lutz.






For many, the Fellowship is an opportunity to experiment with new designs and techniques, and this spirit of experimentation and innovation makes for a rich working environment. Below, fellow and instructor Yuri Kobayashi works on an articulating sculpture with mind-bending, complex details.




Fellow and instructor Mark Catalini, an expert in woven furniture, used his time in the Fellowship earlier this year to explore new weaving patterns and to test the limits of steambending rattan.




Michaela Stone began experimenting with leather and wood sewing techniques while working as a Windgate fellow in California this winter, and plans to keep developing these beautiful handbags here at the CFC.


above photo by Kyle Dubay

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above photo by Kyle Dubay



Check back for more updates on what is happening in the Fellowship, or check out the “fellowship” blog tag for past posts. Visit our Fellowship page for details on the program.

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