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All About Aprons

Written by Kate Davidson on .

If you’re like the woodworkers on our campus, you’re constantly carrying around a few crucial tools – pencil, square, rule, maybe a tape measure and a knife. Do you fill up your pants pockets? Do you constantly walk back to your workbench? Many embrace a different shop solution: the apron.

You see them everywhere you look on campus. Full aprons, half aprons, single pockets, cross-backs, high-necks, canvas, denim, leather. What makes for the perfect apron? And what items are in the apron pockets of our staff, faculty, and students every day?


Scholars and Fellows in the Messler Gallery 09/21 - 01/02

Written by Heide Martin on .

Currently on view in the Messler Gallery, Scholars and Fellows showcases the work of former scholarship and fellowship awardees of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. The 21 pieces on display highlight the value of scholarships and fellowships in nurturing creative growth and technical accomplishment. Scholars and Fellows will be on view until January 2, 2019 – be sure to pay a visit!


Basic Woodworking: A two-week Introduction to Furniture Making

Written by Heide Martin on .

This month our 26th Workshop Season came to a close, and with it the season of potluck picnics, croquet matches, and Monday night faculty presentations. As we think ahead to next year’s schedule, we look forward to welcoming the instructors and students who will join us from all corners of the globe. The workshop roster is always fresh and changing, bringing both new and returning students to campus year after year. Yet, over the history of the school, there is one curriculum that has been offered annually without fail – Peter Korn’s two-week Basic Woodworking course.

BasicWW blog2

Visiting Artist, Tom Kealy

Written by Dorrie Higbee on .

We were pleased when Tom Kealy, a highly skilled and accomplished furniture maker, agreed to join us for the Visiting Artist position. This program encourages professional makers to explore new directions in their work. Tom heeded the challenge and decided to depart from his work in functional furniture to explore a sculptural form during his one month with us. Employing his rich knowledge of technical skills and drawing from various inspiration from the natural world and artists’ work in other mediums, Tom set out on his ambitious path.


Curvature and More in the Furniture Intensive

Written by Heide Martin on .

Our summer Furniture Intensive class is drawing to a close next week, and students are spending long hours in the shop in order to complete their final projects. The last weeks have been full of practical learning and design investigation, as students have advanced from the basics of hand and machine cut joinery to the development of expressive, curvilinear designs. Lead instructor Reed Hansuld, himself a graduate of our Nine-month Comprehensive, has encouraged students to innovate and explore.


Our Fine Woodworking Library

Written by Heide Martin on .

Three of the buildings on the CFC campus house our classrooms and workshops, and students spend the vast majority of their time in those spaces. Most visitors, however, have their first exposure to campus through a fourth building, which is home to the Messler Gallery, the administrative offices, and the Fine Woodworking Library. Our library houses a large collection of books, periodicals, and instructional DVDs, and provides an additional and valuable resource to our students.