Student Profile: meet Nine-month student Kevin Chen

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Creativity is what drives Kevin Chen. Even back in middle school shop class he was excited by the creative problem-solving needed to understand spatial volumes and their relationships to one another. When Kevin designs something, he isn’t limited to the object itself, but rather, how that object affects its environment at large.



“How we perceive light and how it creates shadow, the way it deflects, that's all language I like to investigate; that is why I was an architecture major at Northeastern University.”

Continuing his pursuit of creativity, Kevin worked as a graphic designer in Shanghai as well as Taipei, where he was born and raised. But graphic design didn’t satisfy his original excitement for spatial problem-solving, so he made the leap and moved to Maine to learn furniture making. Although woodworking is a new avenue, Kevin says it feels “like opening a familiar Pandora’s Box.” He can see himself as a furniture designer and maker down the line, but for now is simply enjoying the process of learning.

kevin.designingKevin working on a furniture design