Projects In Progress: tails, then pins

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I looked at the clock and was appalled. How could something so small and simple be so arduously time-consuming? And how is it that a paper-thin gap could look so cavernous? An entire day dedicated to two tails and three pins.

AledAaronNine-month instructors Aled and Aaron

No matter what your experience level is, whether you’ve been a carpenter for twenty years or have never used a square in your life, the first thing you complete as a Nine-month student at the Center is a small project with hand-cut dovetails. If you plan to use them in future projects or not, learning to cut dovetails provides a crucial lesson in patience and discipline for aspiring woodworkers.

P1040006A collection of benches recently completed by the Nine-monthers

For me, a process that once made me boil with frustration now gives me grounded satisfaction. It provides a welcome opportunity to sit at the bench, focus on a singular task, and let time fly past, unnoticed.

1400x720-F11mTWg6E0Zbbz2mDovetailed drawer sides on a piece made by Michaela Stone