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A Day in the Life: The Weekend Turnover

Written by Chelsea Van Voorhis on .


Every weekend between Workshops, our Facilities Staff (left to right: Matt McLaughlin, Angela Robins, and Mark Juliana) ensures that the bench rooms, the machine rooms, and all they contain are clean, orderly, sharp, and square. Here is a typical Saturday morning for our team:



Summer In Maine

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exsmall summer in maine

It’s summer in Mid Coast Maine! Come for a workshop and take in the added attractions of living by the sea. Here are a few of the highlights that students enjoy…


Farewell to Aled Lewis

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Following ten years as Lead Instructor of our Nine-month Comprehensive program, Aled Lewis is returning to Wales to begin the next chapter in his exemplary career as a designer, furniture maker, and teacher. His breadth of knowledge and generosity of spirit have left a lasting mark.

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Current Student Work

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2019student show1

Current Student Work, which presents the work of graduating participants in our Nine-month Comprehensive course, is on display from April 19 – May 29, 2019. We asked students for their thoughts on their pieces…  

Alumni Discuss Their Careers

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At the heart of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s mission is the belief that design and craftsmanship are deeply meaningful explorations of the human spirit and sources of individual fulfillment. In that spirit, some students attend to enrich their avocation, others to build a career.


Introduction to Turning

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The introductory portion of the eight-week Turning Intensive and the one-week turning segment of the Nine-month Comprehensive course teach spindle turning, tool making, chisel sharpening, hollow vessel turning, offset turning, and carving on the lathe, among other skills. In a relatively short time, students learn the basics and begin to explore their own designs.