Just Joinery

Tim Rousseau
June 10-14


Participants get hands-on experience at cutting a full range of essential woodworking joints with power tools and hand tools. The instructor provides guidance in choosing the right joint for the job, while teaching precise and safe construction methods for joinery typically found in casework. These include mortise and tenons, mitered joints, housed joints, finger joints, dovetails, and sliding dovetails. 

Students work with routers, biscuit jointers, Dominos, band saws, table saws, slot mortisers, and hollow chisel mortisers, as well as with hand saws and chisels. They leave with confidence in their ability to wed two sticks together so they stay married. This is an excellent class for students who want to build on the skills they learned in Basic Woodworking.

Tim Rousseau divides his time between building furniture on commission in Camden, ME, and teaching at the Center. He is also a frequent presenter of how-to and project videos for finewoodworking.com, and TauntonWorkshops.com, including the series “Making a Small Cabinet” and “Build an Asian-Inspired Hall Table.” After completing our Furniture Intensive in 1998, Tim worked in a multifaceted group shop in Hoboken, NJ, before returning to Maine to set up his own business in 2003. For the next 15 years, he served as a Lead Instructor for our Furniture Intensive, taught workshops every summer, and co-taught the chair project of the Comprehensive. Starting in September, 2019, Tim takes the reins as Lead Instructor of our Furniture Comprehensive. His website is timothyrousseau.com.


Open to all.


Tuition: $810


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