Endowment Funds

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Endowment Funds

The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship has several established endowments to sustainably improve the excellence, effectiveness, and outreach of its programs:

    Faculty Development

    The Faculty Endowment ensures our ability to attract instructors who are outstanding professional woodworkers and designers from around the globe.


    The Scholarship Endowment gives life-changing educational opportunities to talented individuals who could not otherwise afford tuition.


    The Studio Fellowship Endowment provides emerging furniture makers, turners, and carvers with advanced opportunities for creative and professional growth.

    Visiting Artists

    The Visiting Artists Endowment enables outstanding professional woodworkers to explore fresh directions, while providing mentorship and inspiration to students and Studio Fellows.


    The Maintenance Endowment keeps our campus, buildings, and equipment in topnotch condition for future generations of students and instructors.



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If would like to learn more about endowment opportunities at the Center, please contact the school’s Executive Director, Peter Korn, at 207-594-5611 or peter@woodschool.org.