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Education and Impact: Endowing our Future

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The Center’s leadership firmly believes that a healthy nonprofit accepts change as a constant and continually strives to maximize its contribution to society. For that reason, we are implementing a vigorous, strategic plan—Education and Impact: Endowing our Future—to leverage the excellence of our existing educational programs for greater national impact.

In full, Education and Impact is designed to sustainably implement six significant initiatives in three phases, primarily through funding from new endowment.


Phase 1 is a transformational investment of $4.5 million to achieve four specific goals:

$1.0 million for innovative scholarships for vocational educators

$1.5 million for career-advancing Fellowships

$1.5 million for superlative executive leadership

$500,000 for sustainable institutional development


Phase 2 is an investment of $600,000 to expand the audience and influence of our Messler Gallery exhibitions.


Phase 3 is an investment of $1 million to make scholarships available for our longer professional trainings: the Nine-month Comprehensive, Furniture Intensive, and Turning Intensive.



If you have questions or would like to make a donation or pledge in person, please contact Ellen Dyer, Development Director ( or Peter Korn, Director ( by email, or by phone at 207-594-5611.