Welcome to the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s COVID-19 safety information page.

We continue to evolve our response to the pandemic in recognition of the changing landscape and the best practices prescribed by the national Centers for Disease Control and Maine’s own CDC. We update these policies to reflect new health authority advisories, scientific advances, and government policies.

Requirements for Staff, Students, Instructors, and Visitors

  • All students, staff, fellows, and instructors are expected to self-monitor for symptoms consistent with COVID-19, stay home if symptomatic, and self-test. See Attendance Criteria below for more information.
  • Masks are required when recovering from any respiratory illness (COVID, colds, flus). Otherwise, masking is optional for staff, students, and instructors at present.

Attendance Criteria

Our attendance criteria are rigorous, for good reason. They are designed to maintain the safest possible learning environment on campus, which we cannot do without your full participation. If you have reservations about complying, please wait until the pandemic is behind us to take a course.

  1. Do not come to school if you may be ill, following these criteria
  2. To determine when to return to school and the masking protocol, use the CDC’s Isolation and Exposure Calculator which is found by clicking here.

Refund Policy

    1. If the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship terminates a class due to virus-related concerns or public health requirements
      • We will refund all tuition payments to current students on a pro-rated basis, and
      • Students will remain responsible for all other financial obligations they have incurred in connection with attendance, including, but not limited to, travel and lodging expenses.
    2. If a student must stay off campus for a period of time as required under “Attendance Criteria,” above, there will be no tuition refund for time lost.


For questions relating to these requirements, please contact Student Services Director, Dorrie Butterfield Higbee dorrie@woodschool.org.

As best practices for dealing with COVID-19 evolve, these requirements may change to reflect new health authority advisories, scientific advances, and government policies.