Matt Monaco
June 24-28

In this introductory course, Matt shares the excitement and joy of making simple, beautiful wooden objects at the lathe with properly executed cuts, correct body ergonomics, and the right tools. Participants work with green, air-dried, and kiln-dried domestic hardwoods, using the full range of essential turning tools—bowl and spindle gouges, scrapers, parting tools, and skew chisels.

The class begins with a series of skill-building exercises in both end-grain and side-grain turning, after which participants practice making basic bowls, spinning tops, and simple platters. Through demonstration and one-on-one guidance, Matt teaches proper grinding and sharpening, safe tool hand­ling techniques, and the importance of muscle memory to cultivating a feel for form and design. Students can expect to go home with a solid foundation in turning from which to explore new techniques and designs on their own.

Matt Monaco operates a full-time woodturning studio in the Ozark region of MO, making dedicated collections, signature series vessels, lidded containers, and spindle-turned items for industries of craft, interior design, and the high-end furniture trade. Matt is a Fine Woodworking contributor and is supportive of U.S. craft organizations & environments that carry desire to further integrate woodturning into wider demographics and wish to see the craft thrive into the future.

As a full-time professional turner with 20 years’ experience, one of Matt’s missions is to make the highest quality products, that reflect both the mastery of the tools, and the functionality and timeless beauty of wooden decor in others’ lives. Matt is one of very few modern traditional woodturners having apprenticed and trained as a trade professional and worked closely within a high-end furniture production landscape — Shackleton Thomas Furniture and Pottery.

At the center of Matt’s work is his understanding and mastery of tool control as an expression of traditionally crafted design as fine art — in producing forms & items that are as tactile as they are sublime and made with intent and purpose. Matt’s website is

Open to all.

Tuition: $995

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Spinning Top by Matt Monaco, maple (1½”dia.), 2020
Spinning Top by Matt Monaco, maple (1.5”dia.), 2020
Wood Pottery by Matt Monaco, soft and hard maple (6”dia.x2” and 5”dia.x4”), 2018
Wood Pottery by Matt Monaco, soft and hard maple (6”dia.x2” and 5”dia.x4”), 2018