John Cameron
October 18-22

Well-tuned, sharp tools are the foundation of good workmanship, while their skilled use is one of life’s great pleasures. In this exercise-based workshop, students learn to get crisp, accurate results from chisels, planes, spokeshaves, and other traditional woodworking tools such as marking gauges and knives. John provides thorough instruction in selecting and tuning up your tools, hollow-grinding and honing razor-sharp edges, cutting mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints, planing boards four-square, fairing curves, and more. Whether you work entirely without electricity or seek to combine the quiet satisfactions and adaptability of hand tools with the more rigid efficiencies of machinery, the skills acquired in this course are invaluable.

John Cameron designs and builds fine furniture in Gloucester, MA. He studied with James Krenov at the College of the Redwoods from 1992-94, and is currently a juried member of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters. John has exhibited at the Smithsonian Craft Show, the Currier Museum of Art, and Boston’s Society of Arts and Crafts, among other venues. Publications include With Wakened Hands (Cambium Press, 2000) and Fine Woodworking. John’s website is

Open to novice and intermediate woodworkers.

Tuition: $840

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Jewelry box by John Cameron, curly white oak and spalted beech (12¼”x9”x2¼”), 2003
Jewelry box by John Cameron, curly white oak and spalted beech (12 1/4”x9”x2 1/4”), 2003