Aspen Golann & Owain Harris
June 17-28

This course is designed for both intermediate and experienced woodworkers seeking to refine their skills and push the boundaries of creativity in casepiece design through the artful use of veneer. Participants delve into the principles of casework construction focusing on innovative design, precision joinery, and the use of diverse materials. Students will learn to harness the characteristics of veneer by exploring how it can be used to create patterns, contrasts, and unique designs that elevate their furniture to a new level of sophistication.

Receiving personalized guidance and feedback throughout the two-week course, students come away with knowledge and practice in:

  • Contemporary design principles specifically tailored for veneered casework.
  • Techniques to develop designs utilizing drawing tools, models, and mock-ups.
  • An understanding of veneer selection, preparation, and the unique characteristics of different species.
  • The use of both solid wood and modern engineered materials in fine furniture.
  • Advanced skills in precision joinery, including edge banding, mitered corners, and other techniques specific to veneer applications.

Aspen Golann is a furniture maker, artist and educator whose work explores gender and power through the manipulation of iconic American furniture forms. Trained as a 17th-19th century woodworker, she mines the intersections of sexuality, identity, decorative arts and contemporary craft in a range of works including fine furniture and sculpture.

Aspen teaches furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, holds a degree from the North Bennet Street School, and teaches craft workshops internationally. Her work has been featured on NPR, PBS and published in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Elle, Luxe, Fine Woodworking, and American Craft. In 2020 Aspen founded The Chairmakers Toolbox—a project fostering access and equity in the field of chairmaking. Her website is


Owain Harris is a self-taught woodworker in Gonic, NH, where he designs and builds custom furnishings for galleries and residential clients. He began his career as a framing carpenter in 1997, and worked as both a finish carpenter and remodeler before moving into the shop full-time in 2008. Owain is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association. His work has received multiple awards, including a Pinnacle Award from the International Society of Furniture Designers and a Veneertech Craftsman Challenge Award. Owain has been featured in numerous publications, including Fine Woodworking and NH Home Magazine. He currently serves as Chair Person for the American Furniture Masters Institute, a nonprofit organization that oversees the NH Furniture Masters and a Prison Outreach Program that teaches the craft of fine furniture making to inmates of the Maine men’s prison and both the NH men’s and women’s prison. His work may be seen at

Open to solid intermediate and more advanced woodworkers.

Tuition: $1,900

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Clock by Aspen Golann
Clock by Aspen Golann
Owain Harris|Center Barnstead, NH. Escape Velocity, 2017. Walnut, fumed eucalyptus, holly, dyed veneers. $12,000. 33" x 46" x 19.5".
Owain Harris|Center Barnstead, NH. Escape Velocity, 2017. Walnut, fumed eucalyptus, holly, dyed veneers. $12,000. 33" x 46" x 19.5".