Veneer Without Fear

Owain Harris
September 7-11

Veneer is popular for the wide selection of wood species and figures that it presents to the furniture maker, and for the design freedom it offers by diminishing the constraints of wood movement. In this course, students learn to work competently with veneer to make beautiful, finished panels applicable to table tops, casework, and boxes. Owain provides instruction in basic book matching, four-way and radial matching, applying short-grain borders, and re-sawing veneer from solid timber, as well as edge treatments, string inlay, and the use of the vacuum press. Participants learn by building two veneered tabletops or similar panels, with patterns of their own design using commercial veneer.

Owain Harris is a self-employed woodworker in Gonic, NH, where he builds custom furniture and cabinetry. He entered the trade as a carpenter in 1997 and hung out his shingle as a furniture maker in 2008. He is a juried member of both the League of NH Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association. His work has been featured in publications such as Fine Woodworking and NH Home, and has received multiple awards, most recently in the Furniture category of the Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge.



Open to all.


Tuition: $820

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 Ferrazzutti 2017 lang tableDetail of Ginkgo Jewelry Box by Owain Harris, East Indian rosewood, pau ferro, mahogany, and ebony (18”x12”x14”), 2014