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Our woodworking school offers courses in furniture making
and related skills such as carving, turning, marquetry and finishing.

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Discovering Rattan

Mark Catalini
September 4-8

Rattan is a natural palm fiber long used for furniture making. This course provides a strong technical foundation for participants who want to employ it creatively in contemporary work, although it is also useful for anyone who wants to repair existing rattan pieces. Starting with a bare frame that we provide, students work with round reed, flat-oval reed, half-round reed, and wood to create their own versions of a small table that Mark has designed to convey a variety of weaves and methods of attachment. Work is done primarily with hand tools such as hammers and nails, drills, pliers, utility knives, and chisels. If time allows, the table may be followed by the start of an independent project. Learn more...

Open to all.

Tuition: $770

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Catalini table detail 1

Catalini Table Full      Occasional table (left) designed and built by Mark as the class project: wood and natural rattan reed in round, half-round, and flat oval shapes (16"x14"x22"), 2016. Detail of project (right).




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