Introduction to Carving

Valdemar Skov
July 13-17

This course gives beginners a good foundation in traditional ornamental carving skills that are widely applicable to decorative panels, architectural details, and furniture. Valdemar guides students, step-by-step, through a sequence of exercises—scallop shells, scrolls, leaves, geometric patterns, and letters—that explore incised, relief, and applied carving techniques.

Through demonstration, discussion, and one-on-one instruction, participants learn to

    • design and lay out carvings,
    • select wood that works well for a given project,
    • pick the right carving tool for each cut,
    • sharpen gouges and v-tools,
    • handle carving tools safely and effectively, and
    • achieve clean, crisp cuts straight from the chisel.
    • Participants leave with confidence to tackle new carving projects on their own.

Valdemar Skov is a woodcarver, furniture maker, and engraver, specializing in ornamental carving for furniture and architectural details, as well as hand-engraving clock dials, fine tools, and jewelry. A woodworker since 1986, and self-employed since 1990, Valdemar has been formally recognized for his work by the Maine State Legislature and has been featured in numerous articles, including a profile in This Old House magazine. Valdemar works out of his studio in Waldoboro, ME, and teaches carving for our Nine-month Comprehensive. His website is


Open to all.



Tuition: $820

May-hand-carvingDetail of a Townsend-style tall case clock by Valdemar Skov, mahogany, 2005May1Newel post by Valdemar Skov in white oak, 2010