Philip Morley

Philip Morley‘s passion for woodworking began in his youth when he was introduced to woodworking through a shop class in school. In the woodworking shop, Philip, who previously struggled in school due to dyslexia, found a place where he could feel successful and indeed excel. He pursued his passion by learning the craft of carpentry and joinery through the City and Guilds of London program, a three year trade school program, working on various historical buildings throughout central London. Through his courses Philip developed a passion for fine furniture craftsmanship and pursued apprenticeships to acquire the experience and skill needed. In these apprenticeships, Philip gained experience with both furniture design and quality craftsmanship. Through his apprenticeship with furniture-master, Michael Colca, he learned the value of craftsmanship and integrity in every detail of the piece. Michael continues to be a valued mentor today.

Morley’s furniture designs are characterized by their clean lines, minimalist forms, and subtly alluring design details. His pieces and techniques have been featured in FineWoodworking Magazine and Philip has also appeared in such publications as Texas Monthly. In addition to creating beautiful pieces, Morley is also committed to preserving the art of custom furniture making. He shares his knowledge and experience with others through workshops and classes, where he teaches students about traditional and modern woodworking techniques and the importance of craftsmanship. In this capacity he has taught at schools across the country. He is excited to be co-teaching at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in the Fall for a portion of their 9 month program.
Philip continues to operate his one man shop with a focus on pushing himself to expand on his skills, learn new techniques, and build the best pieces he can. His studio sits next to his house so he can be close to his wife and four kids.

Philip co-teaches the casepiece segment in the
Nine-month Comprehensive



The Morley Rocker