Garrett Hack

Garrett Hack builds contemporary interpretations of classic forms on his farm in Thetford Center, VT. A furniture maker for 49 years, Garrett originally trained at Boston University’s Program in Artisanry. He is the author of The Handplane Book (Taunton Press, 1997) and Classic Hand Tools (Taunton Press, 1999). He is a contributing editor at Fine Woodworking, former chairman of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters, and teaches throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Spain, Israel, and Japan.

Garrett teaches
Precision with Hand Tools


Garrett Hack|Thetford Center, VT. Pleated, 2018. Curly yellow birch, cherry, satinwood, ebony, holly, turquoise, aspen, Englemann spruce, shellac. NFS. 34" x 15" x 10".