Fredy Maalqui

Fredy Huamán Mallqui is a Peruvian-born wood carver, conservator, and artist who has lived and worked in Erie, PA since 2012. Growing up in Ayacucho, Peru, he studied with master carvers from the age of nine and graduated from the Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala School of Fine Arts in 2005. Subsequently, Fredy trained with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture in the conservation of religious art, sculpture, and architectural elements and became fluent in carving Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, and Romanesque styles. Today, Fredy carves architectural elements, sculpture, and frames for private and public clients as diverse as the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, Erie Art Museum, Schatz Organ Company, and the Erie Historical Society. His carving and art work have been exhibited in the U.S., Peru, and Austria.

Fredy teaches
Ornamental Carving



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